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Sacred Bond

Large scalloped edge citrine intaglio with deep faceted back

Imagery of a recumbent dog and a jewelled cross, on top of a belt containing what appears to be the initials JSE in gothic font

Why we love it

Exceptionally beautiful in shape, size and colour, this intaglio brings the sunshine.

As any dog lover will testify, our four-legged friends, like our family members, are loyal to the core. Protective of their ‘pack’, their love is unshakeable. Absolute.

The jewelled cross is the Christian equivalent of the tree of life. Representative of the ongoing cycle of life, it serves to remind us we’re not alone and connects us with our ancestors and forebears. Similar symbolically to the belt, which has comparisons to the ouroboros, also suggesting the infinite and the eternal.

It is the belt that binds everyone together. Holds things in. The keeper of secrets.

In case you missed the overwhelming symbolism, this seal is all about the strength of the familial bond. The reciprocal protection and unconditional love. It’s about the people who, when the chips are down, can be relied upon to go into bat for you, every time.

We’re going with a looser definition of family than the traditional one. You may be lucky, your family may be amazing. If so, great! But for some, the people who fulfil that protective, no questions asked role, are not related to them by blood. They’re people who’ve come together along life’s merry way, at different points and for different reasons.

Imagine you’ve been arrested, or won the lottery, or signed your first publishing deal, or any number of life-changing events, good or bad. Who would be your first call? They’re your family. Wear this seal in honour of them.

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Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Three arm ring



Seal material


Seal colour


Seal shape

North south rectangle with scalloped edges


15.7 x 18 x 7.9mm


Very good antique condition with west commensurate to age and use – minor nibbling to interior edges of belt, visible under magnification

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