A Shared Love Of Jewellery

Emma & Granny Tuppy

I can still recall the day my grandma paused outside her bedroom door. I was nine years old. She turned to me and knelt down so we were eye to eye. She explained to me in solemn but tender words how one day her engagement ring would pass to me, her eldest grandchild and only granddaughter. She asked my preferred coloured gem. I was adamant. Sapphires!

Blue was my favourite colour back then (it’s red these days). My grandma tried gently to nudge me towards emeralds, but I have always been decisive and determined. I would not be swayed.

She accepted my choice with a resigned nod, a big kiss on my forehead and we went on with our planned activity of a good old forage in her art deco dressing table, which now lives with me.

It wasn’t until my late teens that the subject of her engagement ring came up again. My grandma recounted how she had lost the centre emerald down the plughole of the kitchen sink and of the lengths she had made my long-suffering Grandpa Ugg go to in a failed attempt to recover it. I don’t think she remembered the conversation we had had when I was a little girl. But I did. And it all slotted into place. She had lost the centre emerald of her engagement ring and, knowing that one day it would come to me, wanted to replace it with my favourite stone. Which is why she had probed me so carefully on coloured gems.

Sure enough, she had replaced the lost emerald with a sapphire. For me. Notwithstanding that it would have been her third choice behind emeralds and rubies. Now that is love.

Most Treasured Possession

People often ask Emma what her most treasured piece is. She expects they imagine she will cite an intaglio or some high-end antique mastery. Not so. It is her grandma’s art deco platinum wedding band, gently faceted with hand engraved stars on each small aspect. Her ultimate talisman.

There is a beautiful serendipity in the fact that Emma was only able to leave her legal career to pursue Bauble Magpie by virtue of the gift her grandparents left to her after they passed away. Their hard-earned legacy. So fitting for Emma to have used it to follow her jewellery dream.

Some things are meant to be!

The Allure Of Bauble Magpie

Fully sustainable

Handcrafted by skilled UK artisans

Generous, high quality gold

Unique packaging including antique boxes

The Bauble Magpie aesthetic

Emma subscribes to the philosophy that life is too short to wear boring jewellery, which inspires the offer across the entire brand. Through Bauble Magpie, she aims to deliver “interesting talking points; sophisticated, meaningful trinkets; and outright out-there, drool-worthy showstoppers”.

It’s safe to say Emma’s pieces tend to be bold, badass and eclectic – she takes no prisoners in jewellery or life! Expect a mix of eras and styles, usually antique or true vintage.

Integrity, Honesty, Hardwork & Passion

Before founding Bauble Magpie Emma was a practising lawyer in the UK for more than 20 years – yes really! She specialised in healthcare, ethics and regulatory and remains on the roll of the Law Society of England & Wales.

Though she no longer practises law, Emma remains beholden to the standards expected of her first profession. She understands trust is crucial when buying jewellery, buying jewellery online AND buying jewellery online internationally!

At Bauble Magpie we strive to keep you updated. We are always honest about our pieces. And if we let you down, we will do everything in our power to make things right, and swiftly.

In short, we will always do our upmost to give you the best service possible. We will listen, we will learn, we will adapt.

Because we truly value you, our wonderful clients.

Because this stuff matters. Because you matter.

Heartfelt Thanks

In its infancy Bauble Magpie was supported by a handful of loyal clients who enabled Emma to grow the brand quickly, by virtue of their supreme patience and phenomenal trust. For this she is incredibly grateful.

Emma will never forget the visionaries who ‘got it’ immediately and supported her through the initial upheaval by encouraging her, making repeat orders, giving the gift of creative freedom and generally championing the brand.

The Believers: Agnes, Alane, Anna, Bella, Ginna, Hannah, Hilarie, Ilana, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Katie, Laura, Maureen, Megan, Raye, Rizza, Saeko, Salina, Val, Whitney & Yoon.

The Key Support Workers: Adrian, Andrea, Andy, Angela, Bear, Candice, Catherine, Charlotte, Chris, Donna, Eduardo, Emma, Fiona, Gary, GD, Georgette, Heidi, Helen, Isla, Jacqueline, Jamie, Jenn, Jenna, Jim, Jonathan, Kate, Katy, Lauren, Lee, Morwenna, Nicole, Nigel, Rajoo, Rich, Ruth, Sam, Sandra, Sarah, Scott, Simon, Soph, Susannah, Tania & Tanya.

It really does take a village people!

Thank you!


"Knowledge of the product: Exceptional Customer service; Impeccable As an overseas client, I find working with Bauble Magpie an easy and comfortable experience. Not every jeweller can work remotely with a client successfully. Repeatedly Emma has matched and excelled the brief. As a fourth generation Jewellery industry person, living in the European Diamond capital I can also confirm that the quality of her work is of the highest standard. This woman WILL NOT cut corners. "

Antwerp, Belgium

"Emma is a most excellent and trusted seller. Her pieces are beautiful and prices are quite attractive too! Extremely knowledgeable and forthright, we haven't had any issues whatsoever with our purchases. She is a great source for well priced antique boxes, and ships quickly."


"The first time I came across BaubleMagpie I stopped in my tracks and obsessed so much on the little gems. I couldn't stop myself and ended up buying 3 of them. My 3 little 'candies' as I refer to them. On top dealing with Emma makes the whole experience enjoyable and fun! "


"I absolutely adore my Bauble Magpie intaglio pendant. I was looking for a piece to wear as a memento of my dear, departed whippet, Louis. When I saw this beautiful black seal with a running hound, I knew I’d found it. It’s set in luxurious 18ct gold, I wear it everyday and receive so many compliments. I really did appreciate the personal communication from Emma. We’ve had many great conversations about much more than jewellery and it’s obvious that she pours her heart, soul and fabulous self into every piece. "

Manchester, UK

"Emma has undertaken several bespoke commissions for me. She responded very quickly to my initial query and made considered and thoughtful suggestions. Once selections were made, she kept me engaged and informed during every step of the process. The final pieces are exquisite and are of such heirloom quality that I would hold a pillow over my own face if I were a beneficiary after my death.

Emma clearly loves what she is doing, and her passion shines through in her interactions, and in her product. If you haven’t dipped a toe yet, do it – and prepare to be seduced by the sparkle of Bauble Magpie’s proprietress – and its product!

A convert"

Rugby, UK

"I’m so excited - it is so much better than I had hoped!"


"Oh my god, I love it - it’s perfect!"

Hong Kong