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In Spite O’ Them A’

Victorian paste intaglio mimicking bloodstone

Features the motto ‘I’ll come & see you in spite o’ them a’’ (of them all)

Very good antique condition with light surface wear – tiny nibbles to the edges will be concealed in setting

Why we love it

Anybody feeling defiant? How about a quality dose of rebellion? If so, this might be the seal for you.

Cast yourselves back to the Victorian era, when marriages were largely based on social status, wealth and other such nonsense. We’re talking dowry negotiations and betrothal for the perceived benefit of the family name here. Ghastly.

It may not be the same today (at least not everywhere), but I bet we’ve all, at some point, had a partner who was disapproved of by family or disliked by friends. Yep? Then you should be able to relate.

This seal was surely used for secret epistles between participants in a forbidden love. A rarified gentry type and the common scrubber they’ve fallen hook line and sinker for – love moves in mysterious ways after all. And huzzah for the motto which is basically a big ol’ flip of the bird to the elders.

This lover is going to see their beloved no matter what the naysayers do or say. Maybe that resonates? Wear this talisman as a symbol of your defiance. Your right to choose who you love. To hell with what anyone else says!

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Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 12 × 3.3 mm
Choice of material

14ct yellow gold, 14ct rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, Platinum

Piece of jewellery

Chonky signet, Classic pendant, Colour pop classic pendant, Colour pop sleek signet, Dainty ring, JessLock, Sleek signet

Seal colour


Seal material


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