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Bauble Magpie

Welcome to Bauble Magpie, I’m Emma

I love jewellery, have always loved jewellery, and Bauble Magpie is the realisation of a dream that began with my beloved grandma.

Some of my earliest and happiest memories were delving in my grandma’s jewellery box. That’s how this all started really. We used to pause our rummaging in her dressing table treasures intermittently to drink breakfast tea, eat her homemade mallow crackle (ask me for the recipe it is both easy and delightful) and to count the magpies in the orchard visible, and most definitely audible, from her bedroom window in West Yorkshire.

The Magpie part of my brand name is therefore my own private nod to the person who was always my special one. I miss her every day and it feels fitting to me that I should honour her memory in this way. (The Bauble part comes from my good friend Kate, but that’s a story for another day!)


Whatever we do, bringing you the very best is our mission. If you are searching for a particular intaglio we will look under every last pebble, leaving no stone unturned. We will work alongside you listening and guiding, to create your vision of magical, bejewelled perfection. We will strive to bring you excellence and honesty in everything we do. And if we fail in any of that we will take ownership promptly and openly.

Because we care deeply. About you, our brilliant clients. About intaglios, about jewellery, about antiquity and honouring antiquity, about our brand, about our pieces, about the people we work with, about how we do business.

About what we put out into the world. About bringing joy. About kindness.

The motto at Emma’s alma mater, The University of East Anglia, is ‘Do different’. And we absolutely intend to.

We want to do it differently.

We want to do it better.

We want to do it RIGHT.


Each and every intaglio in our 1500 strong library has been hand selected by Emma, who sources globally, just for you. The overwhelming majority of our intaglios are antiques dating to the Victorian or Georgian era, simply because those are Emma’s faves!

Our hardstone and gemstone intaglios are all, by definition, unique, our Tassies are frequently the proverbial hen’s teeth.

Our antique and vintage jewellery section brings you chains and findings to complement your intaglios, classic hero pieces and quirky bold statements in equal measure.

We also delight in our Lovely Things section, offering an exquisite selection of antique jewellery boxes and our wildcard Marvellous Oddities. This cheeky corner of the website offers a random assortment of bits and bobs that Emma categorises as simply ‘too good not to’. Emma particularly revels in antique erotica and generalised naughty stuff, so you may find products featured in Marvellous Oddities are not for the faint of heart, but Emma mostly just finds them fascinating, extraordinary and/or highly amusing!


Hand-picked featured items

Rave reviews from our rockstar clients

Some of the epic feedback from our early adopters

"Knowledge of the product: Exceptional Customer service; Impeccable As an overseas client, I find working with Bauble Magpie an easy and comfortable experience. Not every jeweller can work remotely with a client successfully. Repeatedly Emma has matched and excelled the brief. As a fourth generation Jewellery industry person, living in the European Diamond capital I can also confirm that the quality of her work is of the highest standard. This woman WILL NOT cut corners. "

Antwerp, Belgium

"Emma is a most excellent and trusted seller. Her pieces are beautiful and prices are quite attractive too! Extremely knowledgeable and forthright, we haven't had any issues whatsoever with our purchases. She is a great source for well priced antique boxes, and ships quickly."


"The first time I came across BaubleMagpie I stopped in my tracks and obsessed so much on the little gems. I couldn't stop myself and ended up buying 3 of them. My 3 little 'candies' as I refer to them. On top dealing with Emma makes the whole experience enjoyable and fun! "


"I absolutely adore my Bauble Magpie intaglio pendant. I was looking for a piece to wear as a memento of my dear, departed whippet, Louis. When I saw this beautiful black seal with a running hound, I knew I’d found it. It’s set in luxurious 18ct gold, I wear it everyday and receive so many compliments. I really did appreciate the personal communication from Emma. We’ve had many great conversations about much more than jewellery and it’s obvious that she pours her heart, soul and fabulous self into every piece. "

Manchester, UK

"Emma has undertaken several bespoke commissions for me. She responded very quickly to my initial query and made considered and thoughtful suggestions. Once selections were made, she kept me engaged and informed during every step of the process. The final pieces are exquisite and are of such heirloom quality that I would hold a pillow over my own face if I were a beneficiary after my death.

Emma clearly loves what she is doing, and her passion shines through in her interactions, and in her product. If you haven’t dipped a toe yet, do it – and prepare to be seduced by the sparkle of Bauble Magpie’s proprietress – and its product!

A convert"

Rugby, UK

"I’m so excited - it is so much better than I had hoped!"


"Oh my god, I love it - it’s perfect!"

Hong Kong