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Fox On The Run

East west elongated octagonal smoky quartz with deep faceted back

Features a fox running

Excellent antique condition with some light surface scratches commensurate with age and use

Why we love it

Foxiest of all the animals, just look at that brush!

Both revered and abhorred in folklore throughout the world, the fox is a master of guile and cunning. Elusive, self-contained and with enough smarts to outwit even the most experienced of hunters.

But there’s more to our auburn furred friend than meets the eye. There’s a roguery, a diablery. A twinkle.

Embrace your weird. Walk your walk. Relish your quirks.

And make a little mischief along the way.

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Additional information

Seal colour

Smoky grey

Seal material



15.7 x 14 x 6mm

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Colour pop classic pendant, Geometric pendant

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