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Strength, Courage, Leadership

Rounded rectangle rock crystal intaglio with deep faceted back

Features ‘Halse’ family crest

Why we love it

If their family crest is anything to go by, those Halses were one badass bunch. With not one but three headshots of a mythical creature, the shield on this seal shudders with power and vigour.

Griphons (or Griffins, depending on which side of the pond you’re from) are said to denote strength, courage and leadership. This mighty creature possesses powers to cause even the most super of the superheroes to gnash their teeth. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also got the smarts.

Since the name Halse is thought to derive from the Middle English word hals, meaning neck, it seems natural to fulfil this intaglio’s destiny and set it in a pendant (yeah, we know, it’s a stretch) as a reminder to draw deep, take a chance and own it.

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Additional information

Dimensions 27.5 × 23 × 15 mm
Seal colour


Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant

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