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Never Despair

Large agate intaglio

Imagery of an heraldic shield with three water birds in profile, on top of which is an armour clad arm wielding a pineapple(!)

Latin text reads nil desperandum (never despair)

Why we love it

We know what you’re thinking: a pineapple? Really?!

Well quite!

Allow us to explain.

Due to their exoticism pineapples were regarded as a symbol of prestige in Victorian times. Coveted by the aristocracy, the prickly fruit was associated with generosity and hospitality and often used as a centrepiece at a dinner party. Not to be eaten, rather admired and revered.

And as with everything in life, if you couldn’t afford to buy the King Pine, there was always the option of renting. Yep, rent-a-fruit was a thing for those Vicky aristos.

This may be an intaglio of status, but it’s also about abundance and magnanimity. The motto is one of chin up, shoulders back, best foot forward, don’t let life drag you down optimism. It’s the brightest dawn following the darkest night, things can only get better, take me out to the ball game sentiment (ok perhaps not the latter but it scans well).

Wear it to remind you that this too (whatever ‘this’ is) shall pass.

And when life throws you pineapples, make a table decoration out of them and invite all your friends round for cocktails.

Pina colada anyone?

1 in stock

Make it sing

Excellent antique condition with minimal surface wear

North south yellow / pale orange



Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Compass point pendant, Ouroboros pendant, Three arm ring



Seal material


Seal shape

North south rounded rectangle

Seal colour

Yellow / Pale orange


26 x 20.5 x 4.4mm


Excellent antique condition with minimal surface wear

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