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Men In Tights

Carnelian rounded rectangle intaglio

Imagery of a quiver containing arrows with a bow placed horizontally behind and a crossed arrow with an olive branch

Excellent antique condition with minimal wear

Why we love it

This superb seal has us all of a quiver (forgive the pun). A seal with more than one possible reading. The olive branch long associated with peace; the bow and arrows traditional weapons of war. A symbol of peaceable truce perhaps; a state of unity and equilibrium.

And what about that arrow from love’s playful messenger, Cupid? A possible precursor to the peace and love symbol adapted by the free-loving sixties? Although maybe not so easy to replicate on the side of a campervan.

Or in the alliance represented in the crossed paths of war and peace; friendship. And community. And togetherness. A veritable talisman of friendship. In which case, the only real question is, keep it or gift it?

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Additional information

Dimensions 11.1 × 9.7 × 3.5 mm
Piece of jewellery

Colour pop sleek signet, JessLock, Sleek signet

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