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Our Heads May Differ

Victorian Yellow Tassie paste intaglio

Imagery of a male and female head facing away from each other

Inscription reads ‘Our heads may differ though our hearts agree’

Why we love it

Another great example of how when it comes to love, it’s the same the world, and century, over. The inscription on this remarkable seal is timeless – love doesn’t mean we should never disagree, hell no, there’s nothing like a good old humdinger to clear the air in our opinion.

In love, as in life, we’re all different. Unique. And just because we love someone, it doesn’t mean our opinions will always align, in fact, it’d be pretty bloomin’ boring if they did – vive la difference!

The detail on this seal is exquisite, the two heads turned in opposite directions and yet the tiniest hint of a smile on each face, suggesting there’s more that brings them together than moves them apart. Just as it should be.

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Additional information

Dimensions 19 × 15 × 4 mm
Piece of jewellery

Chonky signet, Classic pendant, Colour pop classic pendant

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