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Friendship Is Love Without Wings

Large clear paste intaglio

Imagery of Saturn and Cupid

Inscription in French reads l’amitie est l’amour sans ailes (friendship is love without wings)

Very good antique condition with light surface wear, with the exception of a chip to the bottom edge, which will largely be concealed in setting

Why we love it

In recent centuries, Father Time is often depicted as an elderly bearded man, sometimes with wings, carrying a scythe and usually some kind of timekeeping device, which demonstrates the one way passage of time. And as we know, Cupid is the god of love.

This intaglio brings love and time together. Father Time extends his hand towards Cupid, intimating a connection between the two. Accompanied by the motto ‘friendship is love without wings’, it champions the unshakeable love between friends. The grounding, certainty of someone who loves you unequivocally and shows up for you time, after time, after time.

A pressie for your bestie perhaps? Or maybe a personal talisman for that most enduring of all love, friendship.

Here’s to the ones who love us despite ourselves.


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