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Victorian Banded Agate And Enamel Mourning Brooch

Sizeable Victorian banded agate and enamel mourning brooch with black and white zig-zag enamel decoration and applied rope-work border

Glazed panel to the reverse containing woven hair

Unmarked, but Niton XRF tested as 15ct gold

Top of brooch in very good condition – some very minor scuffs to the black enamel visible under magnification, however not penetrating enough to expose gold beneath

Pin has seen better days – in our opinion it would make a very attractive pendant (we can help you convert, if you wish)

Why we love it

Wow did hose Victorians deal with an awful lot of death: plague, pestilence, poverty, and a general lack of hygiene.

The point is people popped their clogs just for fun – one moment they’re chucking their bucket of waste out the window onto the cobbles below, the next, well, they’ve shuffled off the old mortal coil.

And with the prevalence of folk carking it, it followed there was an impressive trend for mourning jewellery. Think Whitby jet, vulcanite, black enamel, hair work, sepias and such like.

And that’s what this brooch is; a piece made in remembrance of some poor devil who croaked, and probably well prior to the optimal age for perishment, if that’s even a word?!

Lucky for us though black & gold is super chic. So you can don this epic brooch and feel blummin’ cheerful about how dapper you are!


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Additional information

Jewellery material

15ct yellow gold



Other dimensions

Width 26.1mm
Depth 15.4mm

Banded agate 27.6mm long, 18.3mm wide and 8.5mm deep (approx in setting)

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