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Victorian Double Dik Pendant

Specialist Victorian antique lightweight dik dik horn pendant

Why we love it

There’s more to this pendant than a smutty innuendo.

It’s made from the horn of a little sweetheart African deer type beastie called a dik dik (proper cute too). There are plenty of these as a single pendant but we’ve never seen a double before. Double dik is special, no doubt.

These little savannah bouncers – world’s smallest antelope, fact fans – shed their horns naturally, so rest assured no diks were harmed during the making of this pendant.

A definite statement piece.

It’s edgy. It’s unusual. It’s Mossy. It’s Keith. It’s Vivienne.

It’s rock n roll.

Buy it and secure access to double dik lolz FOC for the rest of all time.


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