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Elephant And Horse

Double sided carnelian intaglio

Features a horse’s head on one side, and an elephant on the other, with the Latin inscription habet et suam (he has his own)

Excellent antique condition with light surface wear

Why we love it

It’s a rare two-in-one, double whammy of an intaglio.

On one side a horse’s head, symbolising progress, power and fleet of foot. Unless you find one in your bed, which symbolises something entirely different!

The other side features the mighty elephant, associated with wisdom and prosperity, beneath a banner in Latin, which we interpret as ‘each to their own’.

A two-sided talisman to reflect your mood: fast moving and agile or determined and steadfast. Why choose? Be who you want to be. Make it up as you go along. Keep people guessing. No need for rigidity. It’s all about acceptance. Of yourself. Of others.

A statement piece for the guaranteed double take.

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Additional information

Choice of material

14ct yellow gold, 14ct rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, Platinum

Seal colour


Seal material



21 x 17.1 x 2.6mm

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