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Alas Poor Cupid

Rare Victorian paste Tassie intaglio

Features Cupid on a see-saw, weighed down by a sack, possibly of spuds!


Why we love it

Well, well, well, what do we have here? An extremely rare Tassie, that’s what. So rare we’d never even seen this one before it arrived at Bauble Magpie HQ.

It’s that loveable lover of love, Cupid. But oh no, he’s got himself in a spot of bother! He’s stuck at the top end of a see-saw, feet dangling in mid-air. The see-saw represents life’s ups and downs – an image favoured by the Victorians.

But all is not well. The see-saw is weighed down by a knapsack of something heavy. Maybe there’s mischief afoot. Some trickster teaching Cupid a lesson perhaps. In any event our beloved cherub is well and truly snookered, as reflected in the motto: ‘Alas Poor Cupid’. Well. Quite.

Wear this as your talisman to remind you love is not a given. It can get itself into a right old pickle when faced with the capricious and multifarious trials and tribulations of our very existence.

Protect love. Nurture it. Keep it front and centre. Obstacles may try to scupper it, but only if you let them.

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Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 10 × 6 mm
Choice of material

14ct yellow gold, 14ct rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, Platinum

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Colour pop classic pendant, JessLock, Three arm ring

Seal colour


Seal material


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