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Go Ahead, Shake Your Tail Feathers

A hand carved bloodstone intaglio featuring imagery of a peacock.

Generously set in recycled 14ct yellow gold as our Colour Pop Rubover ring with a beautiful teal natural zircon rubover set in each shoulder.

The low profile hugs the finger making this perfect for everyday wear.

Why we love it

Peacocks symbolise  beauty, new beginnings, protection, self-expression, spiritual awakening, power, strength and confidence.

In Greek mythology, the peacock was a sacred bird to Hera, queen of the gods and patron of women, marriage & childbirth. Hera became jealous when Zeus would spend time with his many mistresses, and recruited Argus to watch her with his hundred eyes. After Argus was killed, Hera set his eyes on the tail of a bird as a tribute. The new creation, a peacock, became so important to Hera that they were chosen to pull her chariot.

In Chinese mythology, the beautiful colors and “eyes” on the peacock’s tail represented fame and good luck, as they enhanced one’s protection and awareness.

That’s a whole heap of sound talismanic reasons for loving this beaut!


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Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Colour pop rubover ring


The intaglio is Georgian, The mount is brand new

Jewellery material

14ct yellow gold

Seal material


Seal colour

Dark green with flecks of red


Bauble Magpie's unique maker's mark, Fully hallmarked for Birmingham Assay, to include: metal fineness; Birmingham stamp; year stamp, Limited edition coronation stamp for King Charles III


The intaglio is in excellent condition with light surface wear, The mount is brand new

Ring size

US 5.75/UK L


Ring height 2.8mm, The band tapers from 8.8mm wide at the front to 3.5mm at the back



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