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Fair Game

Clear paste intaglio

Imagery of a setter and wild fowl

Very good antique condition with some surface wear

Why we love it

An engaging paste intaglio featuring a classic hunting tableau. A waterfowl freshly flushed from rushes (try saying that after one too many whiskies), takes flight under the watchful eye of what is probably a Labrador retriever. Another bird attempts its escape while the Lab is distracted.

This could be a waterfowl collusion: the faster of the two running interference so the second can slip away undetected. More likely it’s the seal of someone from the landed gentry of the hunting, shooting, fishing persuasion.

But if donning a pair of wellies and traipsing through the heather is as appealing to you as a wet weekend in Dingwall, throw on some Harris tweed, channel your inner Westwood, and punk up your neck mess with a unique intaglio charm just for you.

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Additional information

Dimensions 15.4 × 3.9 × 13.3 mm
Piece of jewellery

Chonky signet, Classic pendant, Colour pop classic pendant, Colour pop sleek signet, Dainty ring, Sleek signet

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