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Think of the Consequences! Pendant

A Victorian purple seal set as our Colour Pop Classic pendant generously set in recycled 18ct yellow gold with accent tsavorite garnets and completed with our middy EnaBailer

French motto: Pensez aux Suites

Translation: Think of the Consequences

Are you a touch rash from time to time? A hothead?

Do you get up to all sorts of unrepeatable mischief? Are you a naughty little minx?

If either or both of those descriptions apply to you then this is the talisman you need!

Wear it to remind you to cool your jets and keep your powder dry. Don’t fly off the handle in a rage revenge is a dish best served cold afterall. Don’t enter into any spur of the moment dalliances with a lothario, the ensuing trip to the chemist will be no fun whatsover.

Alternatively you may wish to use it to ward off uninvited interest. Sure, we could, but think of the consequences. Instead think of those consequences, an infinitely superior approach to the nuclear fallout which may otherwise occur

NB: Emma has never once in her life succeeded in adhering to the above espoused wisdoms

Why we love it

We are naughty little devils here at BMHQ so a talisman to remind us of the potential repercussions is an absolute must

We are so into our colour pop classic pendants; funny how you can make something so old look so young again, just ask Emma’s surgeon (jokes)

Flown away home.

Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Colour pop classic pendant

Choice of material

Tsavorite garnet, 18ct yellow gold

Seal material


Seal colour


Seal era


Enabailer style





13.7 x 15.5mm or 27.9mm including top loop and EnaBailer


Fully Hallmarked for Birmingham 2023 Including the unique Bauble Magpie Maker's Mark and the limited edition Coronation stamp

Seal condition

Very good antique condition Tiny nibble in the top left corner as per photographs

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