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Birdy Shield

A fantastic shield shaped carnelian seal of Georgian era with imagery of heraldic birds.

Set as our classic pendant in recycled 14ct yellow gold and finished with our classic prong diamond enabailer for maximum versatility and a flourish of sparkle.

Why we love it

The shape, the shape!

We see shield shaped intaglios regularly but they’re teeny. It is very rare to find an intaglio of this impressive size in a shield shape. It would look stellar on the neck or hanging from a chunky gold bracelet for that matter.

The birds appear to be hawks of some form judging by their shape and the tuft on the head. Falcon methinks. Well known for message delivery, intelligence and speed.

The birds are holding a branch in their beaks, most likely olive tree twigs, but commonly associated of course with the dove of peace. Another unusual element is to see a predatory bird holding an olive for peace. A fantastic juxtaposition. Which we love because to us the vibe is one of power when needed but hopes and intention of peace and harmony.

The tree stump on the shield is also interesting imagery. The tree has been chopped down but we can see new growth sprouting from each side. That speaks to resilience and not being defeated easily. You may be felled but you will reinvigorate and grow again.

Wear this as your talisman if you are a confirmed lover of calm but who will move swiftly into action with a deft and deadly stealth should it be required. And let’s not forget the sprouting tree stump for new beginnings after, what for most others would be, a devastating blow.

But not you. You’re a survivor!

Flown away home.

Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Charm, Classic pendant


The intaglio is Georgian

Seal material


Jewellery material

14ct yellow gold

Enabailer style

Middy, Modern brilliant diamonds, Classic prong


Bauble Magpie's unique maker's mark, Fully hallmarked for Birmingham 2023, Limited edition coronation stamp for King Charles III


22.4 x 19.4 x 5.3mm or 36mm with enaBailer


The mount is brand new, The seal is in excellent antique condition with light surface wear

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