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Pica Pica

Why we love it

Emma handpicks each and every one of our intaglios with a great deal of care and attention. And ocassionally, while foraging for new seals to add to the BM collection, she comes across something that stops her in her tracks (which is no mean feat). It may be something she hasn’t seen before, or an unusual take on a well-loved theme. The size, shape or colour may catch her eye, or perhaps the motto.

Often Emma finds it difficult to put her finger on what exactly makes some intaglios stand out (we know because we’ve asked her). But she knows it when she sees it.

It’s that certain je ne sais quoi.

These are our Pica Pica intaglios. The ones we reserve for our true bespoke ministrations.

Each of our finished Pica Picas is the result of a close collaboration between one of our lovely clients and Emma.

Glorious, unique, jaw-dropping heirloom pieces.

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