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Love Conquers All Necklace

Georgian paste seal set in 18ct yellow gold, with a halo bezel of 42 repurposed antique rubies and diamonds set in a top slice of silver, in-keeping with Georgian era pieces

Pendant integrated on antique 15ct yellow gold double Albert curb chain – every link and component of the chain is stamped 15 and each end of the chain has 15 tags

Stamp of a sheep hanging from the chain’s middle, which indicates it’s Victorian era, made in Australia, thought to be Aronson & Co

One of a kind and fully hallmarked

Beautifully made and in wonderful condition

Why we love it

Emma’s biggest, boldest, bravest, most badass ready to wear piece to date. She’s proud of it, and rightly so. This piece elicited a collective WOW from the BM team. Trust us when we say it’s nothing short of sensational!

The intaglio depicts Cupid, complete with love lyre. He’s riding Aslan, king of the beasts, no handed, while playing his harp simultaneously (a god of many talents)!

But what does it all mean?

Cupid is symbolic of love; the lion, the most ferocious beast in existence, represents power and strength. Yet Cupid is riding Clarence around like a donkey on Blackpool Beach. Such is Cupid’s dominance he even strums his chosen strings as Simba obediently strolls as instructed.

The point to it all? Love is all powerful. Love trumps the strongest of our earthly beasts.

Love conquers all.

We reckon the world could do with placing this knowledge front and centre, it’d save a whole lot of unnecessary agony.

Embrace and accept the power of love and loving.

Flown away home.

Additional information


37.5cm / 14.75”

Seal colour


Seal material




Other details

Pendant: 36 x 30 x 8mm

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