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Uranium Glass Scent Bottle

Star design uranium glass scent bottle with faceted stopper

Excellent condition overall with the exception of a couple of tiny nibbles to the stopper facets and in the opening of the bottle, visible under close inspection

Why we love it

Ok, for the geeks among you, a few factoids about uraninum glass.

First up, its glass with added uranium (yep just as the name suggests). This is done before the glass is melted to create colours with a fluorescent effect.

Glass of the type used in this bottle first appeared in the 1830s, when Josef Reidel allegedly named the resulting yellowish-green glass Annagruen, and the yellow Annagelb, after his wife Jessie. Of course we’re kidding, she was clearly called Gruen. Or Gelb …

Whether named for his wife or not, we find this unassuming bottle delightful. Fill it with your favourite scent, or as with your jewellery, why not play around, spicing up your oud with cognac, or adding some patchouli to some francincense and rose. We can’t guarantee the result but we can say with confidence that the bottle will definitely bring some perk to your vanity or dressing table.


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Height 9.1cm / 3.6”
Width 2.8cm / 1.1”

Diameter 2.5cm / 1”

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