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Victorian Papier-Mâché Dog Turd Snuff Box

Victorian novelty snuff box crafted in papier-mâché to resemble a dog turd – bottom opens to reveal the snuff storage compartment
Very good antique condition with some wear primarily on the tip of the turd, as shown in the photos

Why we love it

Merde, a turd!

Oh those joker Victorians and their weird proclivities. A glimpse of a woman’s ankle, scandalous! Yet a replica of a dog turd in which to contain your snuff was rakishly à la mode.

Silly. Funny. And more than a little bit out there. Certainly not to be ignored!

For the super smellers, this curiosity also has a faint accompanying odour. Sniff deep and breathe in that earthy aroma…


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Height 5.2cm / 2”
Width 7cm / 3”
Depth 5.8cm / 2.3”

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