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Wings Of Friendship

Yellow paste rebus intaglio with deep facet back

Imagery of wings and a feather with text interspersed to read ‘May the wings of friendship never lose a feather’

Why we love it

A talisman to celebrate that purest of all loves, friendship.

This rebus intaglio is a regular ray of sunshine. A wish that your friendships remain buoyant. That they continue to lift you up. Encourage you to take flight. To soar.

Wear it in honour of those wing beneath your wings friends who came into your life and never left your side. Who don’t shy away from the hard convos. Who tell you when you’re being a right plonker, but will be the first to pop the cork to toast your successes.

Those truly amazing people who gee you up and talk you down. Who pick up the pieces and put you back together. Again and again and again. Without judgement (though a raised eyebrow and a swift metaophorical shake are not beyond the realms).

A bauble for your bestie per chance? Because without them life would be half the fun, and twice the heartache.

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Make it sing



Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant



Seal material


Seal shape

North south rounded rectangle

Seal colour



15.5 x 18 x 6.9mm 


Good antique condition with light surface wear – chip to bottom right corner / edge mostly concealed in setting

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