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Sailing The Sea Of Love – Made To Order

Sailing The Sea of Love intaglio ingot

Made to order and fully hallmarked

Available in 14ct and 18ct yellow or rose gold and platinum, with standard bail

Ingots and bezels made separately – match or mix it, with either ingot and bezel in the same colour, or a bicolour piece

Upgrade with an enaBailer, or add a few gemstones to ramp up the razzle

Back left matt to engrave a special message or dedication, should you wish

Upgrade with an enaBailer, or add a few gemstones to ramp up the dazzle


Why we love it

A troubled sea is a metaphor for our complicated lives. Cupid represents love, naturally. And tenacious wee fellow that he is, he’s fashioned himself a love raft to help him complete his life voyage in safety. He’s even deployed a lurve arrow as a makeshift mast and is using his bow as a substitute keel.

A veritable love-in we say. Love, love, love. Love guiding you safely through the tempest of life. Let love be the wind in your sails. The message is clear people, with love in your life, you’ll make it through ok.

Love is all you need!


Additional information

Dimensions 27 × 22 × 5 mm
Choice of material

14ct yellow gold, 14ct rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, Platinum


Width 22.9mm (at widest point)
Height 26.7mm, 30.6mm including top loop
Depth 4.5mm


22g in 14ct; 25g in 18ct; 36g in platinum

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