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The Eyes On All, The Heart On One

A Victorian paste seal in a gorgeous mid purple shade.

Set as our classic pendant in platinum and finished with a classic prong diamond Enabailer.

Fully hallmarked on one side of the bezel as with all our pendants.

Why we love it

Depicted we have a huge bowl of flowers, the type that interior designers can knock together in a jiffy but Emma can spend half a day attempting to perfect, or even look halfway decent, only to end up in abject failure.

Wait. That’s not what you need to know.

Anyhoo, in the centre of the display is one particularly resplendent blossom. Which leads us to the motto. The Eyes On All, The Heart On One. The point here, so says Emma, is that in a sea of beauty, or at least amongst a bounty of the same objects, we will see them all but only one captures our hearts.

It’s a metaphor for your beloved.

Imagine if you will, a Sunday at a festival or on a crowded beach. Or,  if you’re more like us, trying not to self harm in a packed out B&Q/Walmart. You know how it is when you reach a certain age, chores are chores are chores and they’re a Sunday thang. As Whitters said It’s not right, but it’s ok.

We’ve digressed again.

But we think when someone has your heart and soul you can always pick them out from the crowd. No matter where you are you see them, because you are connected. You have an inherent (and slightly woo woo) ability to find your special other. Two souls connected will see the whole entire crowd but their heart is only with one and that is the only one they can really see. And this connection gives the laser focus required to pick them out in the melee via a mere momentary glance.

This also equally applies to your kids, bffs, pets and any kindred souls in our opinion.

The seal is a beautiful metaphor for the one you love.

You see all of the others but you only really SEE those who have your heart.

Flown away home.

Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Charm, Classic pendant


The intaglio is Victorian

Jewellery material

Modern brilliant diamonds, Platinum

Seal material

Paste mimicking amethyst

Enabailer style

Middy, Modern brilliant diamonds, Platinum, Classic prong


Bauble Magpie's unique maker's mark, Fully hallmarked for Birmingham 2023, Limited edition coronation stamp for King Charles III


15.3 x 16 x 5.1mm or 28.9mm with enaBailer


The mount is brand new, The seal is in very good antique condition with light surface wear

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