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Goodnight All’s Well

A sizeable paste seal with text ‘Goodnight all’s well’ scribed above a music score.

Our lapidary has created a mother of pearl doublet using this seal and an antique gaming taken to create this beautiful talisman which has such a pretty reverse side thanks to the posh poker chip!

Generously set in 14ct yellow gold with a middy enabailer and our signature hallmarking.

Why we love it

We are optimistic sometimes, honest!

And this pendant is surely for a glass half full person.

The positive promise of a sound snoozle with the sign off Good night, all’s well.

The back of this charm is delicious too, be sure to check it our. So pretty.

It’s highly likely that the notes on the stave are purposeful and represent the introduction to a famous composition of the times. We are yet to sleuth that one though!

Flown away home.

Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant


The intaglio is Victorian

Jewellery material

14ct yellow gold, Mother of pearl

Seal material


Enabailer size



Bauble Magpie's unique maker's mark, Fully hallmarked for Birmingham Assay, to include: metal fineness; Birmingham stamp; year stamp


Depth 4.5mm, Height 17.8mm, 32mm including top loop and EnaBailer, Width 20.3mm


The mount is brand new, Very good antique condition with light surface wear



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