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Integrated Chain

Why we love it

We love an integrated chain. Who doesn’t?!


Oftentimes we see beautiful pieces attached to chains we feel don’t do the main event justice. They’re like a last minute add on. Not thought about. Selected for expediency & big fat margins. A naff support act if you will. It just doesn’t make sense.

And, well, that just won’t do. New chains make the integration job a huge amount easier and cheaper but we usually think it compromises the merits of the finished piece.

As with all our pieces, we endeavour to achieve excellence – we’re shooting for the moon and the stars here people.

If you want an integrated piece we would absolutely love to assist. But please forgive that, in all likelihood, we’ll be insistent on taking time and care to pick a fitting antique or vintage chain.

In our view, matching the right chain to our intaglio pieces, instead of using some brand new flimsy whiff whaff, makes all the difference.