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Gentle Growth

An impressively sized smoky quartz intaglio hand carved with a rampant lion holding a crescent aloft and Latin motto ‘Crescit occulto’ (hidden growth) within a belt.

The belt encircles gothic initials ‘DM’. The belt is symbolic of a familial bond and/or the keeper of secrets.

Why we love it

This is a CHONK!

What we draw from this beautiful smoky quartz is a message of self love and personal. A recognition that change is seldom made in a quantum leap; rather, it is gentle, hidden and incremental. Slow growing, hard going, personal growth. Which takes courage and resilience and self belief.

‘Crescit occulto’ is an excerpt from Horaces Odes: “crescit acculto velut arbor aevo fama Marcelli” the Latin translates as ‘the fame of Marcellus grows like a tree over time unseen’. Marcellus being a Roman military leader.

Arbor aevo famo is the motto of the University of Toronto. Whilst not carved on this intaglio the motto is taken from the same phrase of Odes, book one. So we reckon there’s sufficient nexus if you happen to be alumnae.

We think this is the perfect talisman to honor your inner work, hard won progress and your personal growth.




Additional information



Seal material

Smoky quartz

Seal colour

Smoky grey/brown

Seal shape

Rounded rectangle with deep facet back


22.2 x 15.5 x 7.8mm


Excellent antique condition with light surface wear

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