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Rare Doll’s House Boxed Miniature Glass Bottles Circa 1790

An antique set of six miniature bottles in an applique decorated box featuring imagery of a classically attired lady reclining while watched over by a cheeky cherub.

This is an extremely rare Georgian child’s toy circa 1790.

Four of the six bottles are hand labelled glass, original to the set, the remaining two bottles are thought to be replacement bottles though themselves certainly also antique. Most are sealed with tiny pieces of fabric secured with thread.

The interior of the lid is mirrored.

To the base of the box is a hand written note in ink which reads ‘This box belonged to my grandmother Stevens when she was a child’. There follows some other handwritten text in pencil, which is illegible and a date of 1871 in ink.

Crafted in paper, carboard, glass and fabric.

Why we love it

The detail in each tiny bottle is pure delight, seemingly intended to be perfume bottles, including: Eau Des Fleurs, Eau Des Roses and Eau de Suave (a male cologne one assumes!).

Such a rare and charming set of miniatures with marvellous provenance by way of the handwritten note.

Someone took great care and attention to make this, the set feels so powerful in its history and gives compelling insight into the hobbies of the Georgian child.

Such things really aren’t Emma’s normal type of thing but she is/was absolutely captivated by it when she found it earlier this year. It is hard to explain but there is just huge soul in the piece somehow.


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Additional information


Childs' toy




Paper; Cardboard; Glass, Fabric


The mirror is foxed which is very charming in our opinion, and is cracked however is completely secure, Very good antique condition with some surface wear


Bottle heights 30-37.5mm, Depth 47mm, Height 44mm, Width 19.7mm

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