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Vite / Quickly

Carnelian intaglio

French text reads Vite (quickly)

Why we love it

An intaglio with that all important ‘je ne sais quoi’.  Simple elegance and clean lines deliver the succinct message: VITE (meaning quickly).

Back in the day these intaglios were used to wax stamp correspondence, thus sealing it. The sender, with this intaglio, is expressing the desire that this letter arrives timeously with its intended recipient.

How might we translate this seal into modern day usage then?

Well, when you are queuing at the Post Office, or when you’re on interminable hold with your useless energy provider, or when you are still bloody waiting for the sprogs to get their flaming shoes on so you can drop them at school and get on with your working day, we think this beautiful piece might serve to help you raise a wry smile as you tap your foot, arms folded waiting for (*insert your chief pet peeve waste of time task here) to finally happen.

Maybe it’s just us but there is a metric ton of instances in any given 24 hour period when we wish somebody would stop dithering and start being a touch more efficient. And so we think there is a plethora of circumstances in which wearing this beautiful, if a touch blunt, intaglio might make you smile inwardly, drop your shoulders a half inch and mutter good naturedly under your breath as someone in front of you struggles with the supermarket self check-out.

And anyway we all know that all things French are chic. Except Gerard Depardieu.

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Additional information

Dimensions 13.5 × 10 × 4 mm
Piece of jewellery

Colour pop sleek signet, Dainty ring, Skinny signet, Sleek signet

Seal colour


Seal material


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