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Squirrel It Away

Elongated octagon carnelian intaglio

Delightfully detailed imagery of a squirrel holding a nut, on top of the initials FL in ornate script

Why we love it

These shapes make fantastic pendants, and just look at this bushy tailed wee fella. Yeah we know, squirrels are just rats in fancier outfits but really, how cute would it look as part of your neck mess?!

The Victorians regarded the squirrel as symbolic of the ideal woman (god help us): industrious, organised and thrifty. All important core values for the mother in a Victorian household.

However, there’s more to the squirrel than drudge and prudence. These furry friends take playful to another level. Fleet and fun, they romp and skitter, swinging from branches and tight-rope walking across phone lines. And despite their apparent inability to stay still, they never appear stressed.

The squirrel is all about balance – physically and metaphorically. Work hard and be resourceful but don’t take yourself too seriously. Be pragmatic – the squirrel may spend much of its time hoarding but it deals with what it needs right now first, before hiding things away for later. Prepare for the future but not at the cost of the present.

Prioritise your well-being. Rest and recharge. Stop depleting your energy levels on pointless tasks and empty relationships. Squirrels may be frenetic most of the year but they spend the winter tucked up, fast asleep. Amen to that!

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Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Geometric pendant, Three arm ring



Seal material


Seal colour

Red / Orange

Seal shape



17.5 x 22.5 x 4.8mm


Excellent antique condition with minimal surface wear

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