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Not The Back But The Face

Sizeable carnelian heraldic intaglio

Imagery of an heraldic shield topped with a ducal crown and a leopard’s head in profile

Latin motto ‘non tergo sed facie’ (not the back but the face) within a scrolling banner

Why we love it

Not the back but the face. A little cryptic, as subjective as any intaglio gets, but clearly a bold assertion.

A declaration of intent or a proclamation of nature?

This fierce carnelian heraldic is all about authenticity and the bravery to own your character.

You do not hide who you are. You do not show up differently whatever the event. You do not conform to norms if they do not sit with your own moral compass.

You face life head on. You are true to yourself. You are real. People must take you as they find you because you are not going to feign a different set of traits to put others at their ease. You have no truck with smoke and mirrors. You have no interest in keeping secrets for fear of rejection or disapproval.

Perhaps you are quirky? Perhaps you are in a minority group? Perhaps you work with a whole load of dick heads? Perhaps you live in The Hamptons?

Let’s face it, at some point in our lives most of us have felt the need to change ourselves; to please, to fit in. Peer pressure is not just for teenagers. Peer pressure is a lifelong nuisance.

But not for you. You know who you are. You are unapologetically you.

You show up real: Not the back but the face.



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Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Three arm ring



Seal material


Seal colour

Red / Orange

Seal shape

North south rounded rectangle


17 x 22.2 x 4.4mm


Excellent antique condition with minimal surface wear

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