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Sports Casual Unicorn

A unicorn in full pomp is the star of this Georgian carnelian intaglio show. Stood on a belted set of initials, TEK, in gothic font.

Set as our Classic Pendant in recycled 18ct yellow gold with a Middy EnaBailer.

Why we love it

The unicorn’s sports casual catalogue style over the shoulder glance pose takes the biscuit does it not?!

And the prize of Emma’s esteem to the first person to understand the name of the piece; and admit to it!

Throughout history, the Unicorn has captured our imaginations. The Greeks, Babylonians, and Persians gave the Unicorn the symbolism and meaning of mysticism, magic, health, and purity. There is also a resonance in writings about Unicorns in that where they exist, there is hope and joy.

Because of this creature’s horn, Unicorns represent the Male energies in all their potency; this is likely why King James III chose a Unicorn as Scotland’s national symbol. On the UK’s standard the Unicorn symbolises harmonious sovereignty.

Not to be outdone, the Unicorn also has associations with the moon, which is feminine and instinctive. As such, Unicorn could easily represent that tricky balance between emotions and logic. Bahahahaha




Flown away home.

Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Charm, Pendant


The intaglio is Georgian

Seal material


Jewellery material

18ct yellow gold


Bauble Magpie's unique maker's mark, Fully hallmarked for Birmingham 2023, Limited edition coronation stamp for King Charles III

Enabailer style

18ct yellow gold, Middy


Height 23.2mm, 38mm including top loop and EnaBailer, Width 18.1mm


The mount is brand new, The seal is in excellent antique condition with light surface wear



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