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Rubover Ring

Why we love it

Our new rubover rings are quite frankly fabulous, in our humble opinion.

Why? Well apart from them looking flippin’ marvellous, the nature of the setting makes them easier to wear (and stack), all rounded and folded in at the edges, and keeps your intaglio secure. No snagging or catching!

We also love the history of the design, which dates back to when monied Victorian ladies were travelling to their country estates. Worried they would be targeted by those ghastly common thieves, they had their gems set within their rings, thus preventing the quick grab and go afforded by the traditional raised claw option. Also doubling as a knuckle-duster if a fight ensued. Ok, we made the last bit up for our own amusement, but you get the gist.

And as with all our designs, we won’t be skimping on the gold or platinum, making sure we show off your intaglio to its greatest effect.

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