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Monogrammed Leather Box

A very charming and beautiful antique satin lined leather box with embossed monogram ‘GM’.

Why we love it

We adore the embossed initials, crown and stars decorating the lid.

This would’ve originally housed a desk seal, however would now make special storage for your little treasures!


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Additional information


Originally housed a desk seal.


Antique, over 100 years old


Leather; Wood; Satin


Good antique condition, The leather has some surface wear on the bottom as shown in the photos, The satin lining has worn over the hinge, however is otherwise intact and in good condition, There is some loss to the gold paint inalid in the lid embossed details, however its intact around the sides. We think this adds to the charm


Height 38.5mm, Length 98.2mm, Width 47.9mm

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