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Prince of Wales Feathers

An 1844 British fourpence love token with imagery of Prince of Wales feathers and motto ‘Ich Dien’ (I serve).

The reverse features the seated figure of Britannia.


Why we love it

The British fourpence coin is sometimes known as a groat, or alternatively a joey after the MP Joseph Hume who spoke in favour of its introduction.

855, 360 fourpence coins were minted in 1844, fact fans.

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Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant



Jewellery material

Sterling silver


None present as it's a coin


Good antique condition, The engraving of the feathers is in very good condition with light surface wear, The imagery to the reverse has some surface wear and a solder mark where it was likely attached to a pin in the past


Depth 1mm, Diameter 16.6mm



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