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Hygieia, Goddess of Hand Sanitiser

A Georgian paste doublet or triplet, thought to be jasper coloured glass top on a hardstone base.

Imagery of Hygieia, who was the Greek Goddess for health. Think of the word Hygiene, Latin etymology innit kids, nudge wink.
Often pictured with a snake and a bowl/saucer, as per this intaglio and as per many an international symbol for a pharmacy. The bowl and snake are thought to have originated from Hygieia having a job tending to snakes at a temple, because of course she did. In modern times we take the bowl as representative of a medicinal potion and the snake as a symbol of healing.

An excellent choice for any of you medical professionals out there, particularly pharmacists.
Thankyou fact fans.

Oval, north/south orientation.
22 x 17.5 x 3.5 mm.
Very good antique condition with light surface wear.

All seals are sold as seen.
If you elect a silver setting lead times are 8-10 weeks.
Worldwide shipping is included in the price but customs duties and/or import taxes are the client’s responsibility.

Flown away home.