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Virtue Acquires Honour

Dark red oval paste glass intaglio

Imagery of a detailed heraldic rampant lion

Banner with Latin motto virtus aquirit honorem (virtue acquires honour)

Why we love it

A lion to leave a lasting impression (yep, pun intended). The detail on this seal is outstanding. You can almost hear it roar! And who doesn’t get a tummy twitch for that kind of power. A cocksure confidence. Virile. Muscular. Rugged.

Ok perhaps more than a twitch. And not restricted to the abdominal area!

Frivolities aside, this is a seal with a powerful message. A talisman of honour.

You know right from wrong. Have a strong moral compass. You appreciate respect is not a right. You work hard. You earn it.

You do right by others; right by yourself. Not for praise. Not for reward. Because it’s absolutely the honest and proper thing to do.

You have principles that will not be compromised. You know your worth. You also know the value of others and encourage those you love. Those who work for and with you.

You don’t hog the limelight and are happy to bask in reflected glory.

Like the lion rampant, you embody courage and virility.

And a innate sense of justice.

Additional information



Seal colour

Dark red

Seal material


Seal shape

North south oval


Very good antique condition with some surface wear – tiny nibbles to the edge will largely be concealed in setting


12.7 x 10.2 x 3.2mm

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