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Victory, God Willing

A beautifully detailed quatrefoil intaglio featuring imagery of an arm aloft holding a laurel wreath with Latin text ‘Deo favente’ (God willing).

Why we love it

The quatrefoil intaglio shape isn’t seen often, so that sets this one apart!

The muscular arm thrust aloft holding the laurel wreath evokes triumph, success, victory, strength and power. Such good stuff, right?!

The perfect talisman for those of us who choose to place our trust in a higher power, who accept that there is a greater scheme for our lives, beyond our own mortal wishes. Perfect for those of us who adhere to ‘One Day At A Time’.

Additional information


Late Georgian / Early Victorian

Seal material


Seal colour


Seal shape



8.8 x 8.9 x 4.3mm


Excellent antique condition with light surface wear

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