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Separated by Fate, United By Desire

‘Separated By Fate, United By Desire’
French: Le destin nous separe, le penchant nous unit.

Depicted are two willow trees with a lively brook or river passing between them, keeping them apart. But on closer inspection the willows are growing towards each other, leaning in.

This one is about how we may be kept apart from those we live by external forces beyond our control but how despite this adversity, even when it is powerful and divisive a way can still always be found to connect and to grow together.

It’s about the resilience of love then. How such piffle as distance, being in different countries or divided by death cannot stop two people that want to be together in mind body or spirit from doing just that.

If two people are single minded and determined then love will always find a way.

And we think that is beautifully potent as a sentiment.

Why we love it

An incredibly high quality Georgian era clear paste seal.

Additional information



Seal material

Clear paste to mimic rock crystal

Seal colour

Clear colourless

Seal shape

East west oval


Excellent antique condition with wear commensurate to age and use


16.4 x 13.4 x 3mm

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