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Reward For Virtue

A fancy scallop edge yellow chalcedony with domed back featuring a crest with three wolf heads topped with a hand erect holding a regal crown.

To the base of the crest lies a bound man.

Latin text ‘virtutis gloria merces’ (glory is the reward of valour) borders the crest.

This is the motto of Clan Robertson with the chained man device being the very ancient Coat of the Robertsons of Straun or Strown in county Perth, Scotland, registered in the records of Lyon King of Arms in Scotland in 1672.

Why we love it

We love the oddity of the chap dangling off the bottom of the heraldic shield and the colour is very unusual and absolutely charming.

In terms of talismanic message we all want to believe that our positive traits will be rewarded, right?!

Additional information


Early Georgian

Seal material


Seal colour


Seal shape

North south rectangle with scalloped edges


13.1 x 14.2 x 4.7mm


Excellent antique condition with minimal surface wear

What would Emma do?

Add a pop of colour to your neck mess or finger with this vibrant yellow chalcedony intaglio.

We are suckers for a scallop shape here at BMHQ and this one is a smasher!

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