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Patience and Hope

Large carnelian intaglio

Heraldic imagery of a rampant lion holding a crescent, on top of initials JF in ornate script

Latin text patientia et spe (patience and hope) surrounds the lion

Why we love it

Patience and hope. This one’s for exasperated parents everywhere, particulalry those new to the job!

The lion rampant, bestowed with the qualities of courage, resilience and strength, holds a crescent, representative of the cyclical natural of birth, death and rebirth.

More specifically, the orientation of the crescent suggests a waxing moon (the shadow is on the left side), commonly associated with motherhood and fertility.

An ideal talisman for new parents. Gird those loins and draw on your inner reserves of fortitude and tenacity. Dig deep for that grit and determination. Be gutsy. Resolute. It does get easier. You will sleep again. You will own (and wear) clothes free of baby-sick. There will be time to shower and wash your hair. To eat uninterrupted.

Hang on in there. It’s a tough gig. And though you may not feel like it right now, know that you are 100% rocking it!

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Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Compass point pendant, Three arm ring



Seal material


Seal colour

Red / Orange

Seal shape

North south oval


18.2 x 23.8 x 4.9mm


Excellent antique condition with minimal surface wear

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