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Mother And Child Reunion

Dark yellow paste intaglio

Classical imagery of Venus in robes, with her son, Cupid, on her lap

Why we love it

This one warms the very cockles of our hearts. Mother and child. The eternal and unbreakable bond. Symbolic of nurture, compassion, selfless love. Of all humanity.

Except this is no ordinary mother and offspring. This is Venus, goddess of love, clothed in her classical robe, bouncing Cupid, her son and god of love on her lap.

It’s a veritable love in. A love overload. A loverload if you will.

And yet rather than Venus holding onto her son, it is Cupid who appears to have his hands firmly wrapped around his mother’s wrists. Perhaps Venus believes it’s time for Cupid to strike out alone, to flee the family nest (yes, he does seem a tad young but since he never seems to age it’s difficult to know – he could be in his late thirties here, which is way old enough to be leaving home, and to not be sitting on his mother’s knee). Or maybe our chubby little matchmaker is asking advice of his mother. Or begging her for more pocket money to fund his arrow habit!

Whatever is going on, this is a perfect talisman for motherly love; with you as the mum or towards your mum. A celebration of women everywhere, who guide, protect and raise us, whether they gave birth to us or not.

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Additional information

Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Compass point pendant, Ouroboros pendant, Three arm ring


Late Georgian / Early Victorian

Seal material


Seal colour

Dark yellow

Seal shape

North south oval


16.7 x 18.8 x 2.7mm


Fair antique condition with some light surface wear – chipped area on bottom edge will be partially concealed in setting

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