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Greek Sphinx

A large green paste seal featuring imagery of a Greek sphinx with her paw on a cartwheel. 

Why we love it

Most of us associate the Sphinx with Egyptian mythology, however she was present in Greek mythology too. The Sphinx has its roots in Ancient Greece in Anatolia, and since archaeologists know that both the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians encountered each other in matters of trade, it makes sense that both cultures would have similar creatures in their lore. 

The sphinx, like many creatures in Greek mythology, was a mix of two creatures. In this case, the sphinx showed the head of a woman, but the body of a lion. Despite her animal body, she was considered to be mostly a woman. Her other features include the tail of a serpent and the wings of an eagle. 

The Greek mythology states that Sphinx used to live in Ancient Thebes where she enjoyed making life difficult for travelers. She positioned herself where the travelers were passing by and confronted them with a riddle. She asked about a particular creature which had a single voice, four feet during the morning, three feet during the night. The monster heavily punished the travelers who hesitated on the answer or did not know it.

We believe the that the sphinx is resting her paw on the wheel of fate.

Additional information


Early Georgian

Seal material

antique paste

Seal shape

East west oval

Seal colour

Dark green


17.9 x 22.2 x 5.3mm


Very good antique condition with light surface wear

What would Emma do?

We’ve priced this piece as our Classic Pendant, however if you’d like to set it as a Sputnik Pendant or Gemstone Bezel Pendant, please do reach out to us and we will tailor a quote for you.

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