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Oh Teta!

Large oval potash paste glass seal
Lady in profile
Inscription: Teta

Why we love it

Oh Teta! How do we love thee … Such a beatific face (or at least the half we can see). A wonderfully uncluttered yet deceptively detailed large paste seal to make your heart sing. All that and ringlets to make the hair stylist for Bridgerton weep. Those Victorians loved a profile pic and this one’s a classic

As an aside, Teta is a common Hindu girl’s name, alleged to mean ‘innocent beauty’, which this seal so perfectly encapsulates.

Oh Teta! Such poise, such elegance. Such a shame we don’t know more about you.

And therein lies the beauty, the perfect talking point, who was Teta? And more importantly, who wouldn’t clamour to festoon their neck with a pendant featuring our mysterious lady?

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Additional information

Dimensions 29 × 23 × 4 mm
Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Compass point pendant, Ouroboros pendant, Three arm ring

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