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Victory For King William

Large purple paste commemorative Tassie

Features a horse and rider, with the inscription ‘The glorious and immortal memory’ and the date 1690

Why we love it

A rather splendid Tassie, if we do say so ourselves.

Now we’re none of us trained sleuths but it doesn’t take the mind of Sherlock to uncover the purpose of this Tassie. A commemoration we say, if ever there was one. The date is the first giveaway (well that and the inscription): Battle of the Boyne, fought in 1690 in Ireland, hence the shamrock.

Which must make the man on horseback none other than William of Orange, victor of that particular skirmish. And there we have it. Elementary my dear Watson.

For anyone who appreciates the intricacy of James Tassie’s artistry, this example is nothing less than remarkable.

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Additional information

Dimensions 28 × 23 × 3.5 mm
Piece of jewellery

Classic pendant, Colour pop classic pendant

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